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Ensuring Seamless RPA Integration Through a Unique Change Management Strategy

Robotic process automation costs 50% less than a worker in the Philippines, 34% less than one in India and is 90% cheaper than the average wage of a full time back office worker in Australia.  Robotic Process automation is no longer hype – 1 in 3 organisations are intending to use robotics, and 25% of larger organisations are already using RPA.... Read More

BidEnergy on RPA – regaining financial control of your energy spend

By Stuart Allinson, Managing Director, BidEnergy 21-Mar-2017 Cloud based Procure to Pay systems are transforming BPO and Shared Service models, yet energy has defiantly resisted this global trend. This oversight becomes glaring when electricity markets are volatile and prices reach historic highs. RPA delivers the dual benefit of financial control... Read More


Leveraging BPO for Transformation

In this presentation Sean O’Malley, Director of Contact Centre & Operations Transformation at AMP explores: How to choose a BPO partner that will be the right cultural fit for your organisation? The benefits of having an integrated model with your BPO partner, with onshore team managers having oversight of both onshore and offshore (BPO)... Read More

MainStream Media

The world’s biggest meat producer is planning to test out robot butchers

In one of Scott Technology’s “lamb boning rooms,” a production line of about a dozen robots strips meat from 600 carcasses an hour. Automated arms clamp onto pieces of raw lamb, while others wield guillotine-style blades or small knives to cut through them. You only need one human to oversee the process. The New Zealand-based robotics... Read More

What happens to construction jobs when robots start building

By 2034/35, almost 20% of Australians (6.2 million) are projected to be aged 65 or over. One sector already feeling the impact of the ageing population is construction. In Queensland, the number of construction workers aged 55 and over increased from 8% of full-time workers in 1992 to 14.2% in 2014. An ageing workforce is likely to increase the... Read More

National Media

Tech execs grapple with AI and automation as CIOs lose control of spending

Australian organisations' technology spending is growing by 5 per cent this year, but chief information officers and top technology executives are having less influence on what is bought, a study by research firm Telsyte has found. In its annual Digital Workplace Study, Telsyte found that Australian businesses are increasingly looking to invest... Read More

Meet the robot receptionists: a sign of things to come

A good receptionist often has certain characteristics – a helpful manner, a friendly disposition and good organizational skills. But do they need to be human? Perhaps not anymore. Walk into JLL’s Carrington Street office in Sydney and you will be greeted by new receptionist JiLL, who can assist in a delivery, report a fault and contact your... Read More

Reports & Studies

5 Reasons Robotic Process Automation Should be on Your Agenda

Ahead of Robotic Process Automation 2017, Australia’s first Robotic summit, we take a look at the 5 reasons why your organisation should have robotic automation on its... Read More


The Benefits of Seamlessly Integrated RPA Technology

As early adopters of RPA technology, Australia's big banks have enjoyed continuous improvements and cost reductions as a result. Learn how they did it in this industry infographic ahead of Robotic Process Automation... Read More

5 Issues Hindering RPA Implementation & How to Overcome Them

The rise of RPA in Australia is forecasted to transform up to 60% of work tasks in the management, business and financial sectors by the year 2020 and costs up to 90% less than a FTE office worker. Despite proven benefits internationally, Australia has been slow to harness this innovative new  tech. Ahead of the first ever RPA Summit we explore... Read More