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Intelligent Automation 2018 Award Nomination Form: Most Innovative and Intelligent Bot for Customer Experience

Application cases of chatbots reflecting the closest function to human intelligence

Intelligent Automation 2018 Award Nomination Form: Most Innovative Implementation

An innovative implementation case that’s boosted resource productivity and drove cost efficiencies using multiple intelligent automation technologies- such as RPA, AI, Machine Learning and Cognitive Automation

Intelligent Automation 2018 Award Nomination Form: Best RPA Bot for Customer Experience

Application cases of RPA bots that significantly improved the delivery of customer experience

Intelligent Automation 2018 Award Nomination Form: Best Vendor and Client Partnership

An innovative application case that demonstrates an effective partnership with successful outcomes


Ensuring Seamless RPA Integration Through a Unique Change Management Strategy

Robotic process automation costs 50% less than a worker in the Philippines, 34% less than one in India and is 90% cheaper than the average wage of a full time back office worker in Australia. 
Robotic Process automation is no longer hype – 1 in 3 organisations are intending to use robotics, and 25% of larger organisations are already using RPA. With RPA the tedious, mindless, repetitive and riles based tasks can be automated to be done by software robots so that employees move up to tasks with more complicated responsibilities. 
Ahead of Robotic Process Automation 2017 – Australia’s first RPA event, we chat to Rita Newman, Head of Strategic Performance at ANZ. Rita shares ANZ’s greater business strategy and looks at how change management amongst staff was negotiated to ensure seamless process integration.  

Working with bots: how Gumtree is using AI to improve customer service

In this article, Magda Cortez, Senior Product Manager at Gumtree Australia shares insight into how Gumtree has set up their business internally to support AI and how they are designing and implementing ‘bots’ to drive innovation and a personalised CX.


End-to-end re-engineering at BT Financial

In this presentation from the Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Summit 2017, Andrew Walker, Chief Operating Officer at BT Financial Group, explores how BT Financial is leveraging lean, digital, AI and Natural Language Processing to re-imagine the middle and back-office operations.

Next Big Inflection in Automation: Automation and Big Data, How To Close The Loop.

While most organizations have understood the value of robotics and are at varied stages of their journey, where does an organization go from here and what does the end goal look like?
In this presentation from the RPA Summit 2017, Shane Dwyer, General Manager - Automation Technologies at Telstra provides insights around:
  • Transition from reactive operations
  • How the combination of Big Data and Automation is closing the loop in Automation

MainStream Media

How artificial intelligence and digitisation is transforming Australia

Australia is being transformed by artificial intelligence and digitisation, particularly in areas such as education and public safety

Robotic Process Automation Industry to reach $5bn by 2024

Robotic process automation (RPA) market has been gaining remarkable popularity lately, subject to the fact that automation has become important component in various enterprises across the globe. 

Four ways machine learning technology will evolve in 2018

Nearly two-thirds of Australian businesses are dabbling with machine learning or deep learning to improve operations or influence business decision making, according to Telsyte.

Fast Track Your Attendance

Fast Track Your Attendance

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Reports & Studies

Key developments in AI across Australia in 2017:An inside look at how 3 organisations are using AI to drive efficiency and enhance customer service

In this eBook, Dan TaylorGeneral Manager, Innovation atTAL,Agustinus Nalwan, AI Guild Leader atCarsales.com andMagda Cortez, Senior Product Manager ateBay (Gumtree) explore the approaches their organisations are taking to develop the strategy for AI, implement it into existing operations, and take data one step further and capitalise on ROI to ultimately improve customer service.


5 Issues Hindering RPA Implementation & How to Overcome Them

The rise of RPA in Australia is forecasted to transform up to 60% of work tasks in the management, business and financial sectors by the year 2020 and costs up to 90% less than a FTE office worker. Despite proven benefits internationally, Australia has been slow to harness this innovative new  tech. Ahead of the first ever RPA Summit we explore this reluctance and provide case study based solutions.

Exclusive Content

The future of Intelligent Automation in Australia: 2017 Benchmarking Report

Intelligent Automation IQ recently surveyed 50 leaders in the RPA space across Australia to find out their key priorities and challenges when it comes to RPA adoption ahead of the Intelligent Automation Summit 2018.

This report explores key trends, opportunities and pain-points in intelligent Automation adoption in Australian businesses, including:

  • RPA as a journey not a project: where Australian businesses are at on their RPA journey
  • Investment priorities: what automation technologies organisations are investing in and why
  • The main obstacles to successful RPA implementation
  • Leadership and culture as a core focus for intelligent automation roll-out
  • Future outlook of intelligent automation in Australia

Implementing Chatbots and Artifical Intelligence at UBank to improve the Customer Experience

In this article, Jeremy Hubbard, Head of Digital at UBank  shares insight into how UBank went about determining which processes and services to automate, the benefits automation and AI can have for both employees and customers and the lessons learned from UBank’s intelligent automation journey to date.

Use Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics to Drive Growth and Reduce Cost

Coca-Cola Amatil began their advanced analytics initiative 1.5yrs ago, trying different cases with different departments to allow staff to realise its potential. They developed a framework of exactly how machine learning and advanced analytics works within the business, the cross functional technology element, and how the project needs to be delivered. In this interview, Siamak Tafavogh, Lead Data Scientist at Coca Cola Amatil explores their Intelligent Automation journey to date and lessons learned so far.

Setting Up Your RPA Journey For Success - From Research To Implementation

In this video interview, David Thurkle, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Transformation Manager at Sensis, explores what you need to consider before starting your RPA journey and how to make your RPA or intelligent automation journey a success.


Interview with Siamak Tafavogh, Lead Data Scientist at Coca Cola Amatil

In this interview, Siamak Tafavogh, Lead Data Scientist at Coca Cola Amatil explores their Intelligent Automation journey to date and lessons learned so far.


In the spotlight with Innovior

In this short interview, Tim Ryan, Partner at Innovior explores how the company fits into the Intelligent Automation space and the value of sponsoring and being part of the Intelligent Automation Summit.

In the spotlight with The Eclair Group

In this short interview, Alex Moynihan, Co-Funder and CEO of The Eclair Group explores how the company fits into the Intelligent Automation industry and the value of sponsoring the Intelligent Automation Summit 2018.