26 - 27 February, 2019 | PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

Chris Howes

General Manager - Intelligent Process Automation (RPA)
Incitec Pivot

12:40 PM RPA > IA: Incitec Pivot Case Study: Leveraging Automation To Create Soft-Savings That Free-Up Time and Increase Value-Add Capacities

Realising success in automation is not solely a matter of technical capabilities but more so a shift in mind-set and culture. Incitec Pivot has successfully been running their RPA program since 2017 in efforts to free up time and increasing value-add capacity. Chris will run through how the company has made progress from its POC stage into an automation program that has unfrozen 2,500 days of activities. This session will touch base on:

  • Explaining the benefits of a pull-not-push approach when addressing cultural buy-in
  • Using a quality standard approach in understanding processes can help create scaled efficiencies and cover more tasks at a flat-structured company
  • Showcasing the right tool to make working with bots easier
  • Understanding how understanding pain points offers insight into driving change and value-adding tasks

5:10 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Developing A Change Management Plan to Ensure Smooth & Swift Adoption

The sentiment that bots are designed to replace humans is prevalent; to prevent any hostility it is important to involve your work force early & communicate clearly your transformation journey. With that in mind, this session will address:

  • How to document the process of IA journey with your management and workforce?
  • Making good business cases to harness an appetite for change
  • How to create an interaction between bot and user to ease adoption in order to upskill your workforce to higher value-adding services?
  • Working on redefining job responsibilities and processes to assist in value realisation
  • How to decide the right make-up of solution providers, outsourced services, and in-house capabilities for your automation strategy?


Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Chris.

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