26 - 27 February, 2019 | PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

Jothi Periasamy

Chief Data Scientist
MIT Sloan School of Management (US)

9:00 AM Ai Applied in Telecom to Gain Consistent Customer Experience and Improve Retention

In this session, Jothi will show you how artificial intelligence applied in telecom to predict customer usage churn – who, when and why. A weathered professional in this space, Jothi holds a rich pool of knowledge from working with large oil and gas companies such as Exxon Mobbil. Also, you will learn steps to apply machine learning to micro segment the churn population by churn reasons and then create an upselling plan to retain customers without service interruption - Develop an integrated financial AI model to create an optimal service plan to increase revenue opportunities.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Defining a Problem Statement
  • Examining why Enterprise AI?
  • Developing an Enterprise AI Implementation Framework
  • Outlining Enterprise AI Architecture - Application, Data, and Technology
  • Engineering data for AI capabilities

  • Setting Enterprise AI Security Model
  • Understanding Enterprise AI Technical Infrastructure
  • Live System Demo - Showcase Real Results
  • Solving Business Challenges and Needs
  • Reaping Business Benefits


12:00 PM EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES: Case Study: How An AI Implementation Framework Improved An Oil & Gas Business’ Discovery and Spend

In this session participants will learn how artificial intelligence reinvents mature fields of upstream oil and gas business. Also, you will gain real-world problem solving skills and knowledge by learning enterprise AI implementation framework to address some of the key business challenges which wasn’t resolved using traditional approach, including:

  • Identification of sick wells proactively
  • Predicting underperforming well in the early stage
  • Incorporating new data in current sick well analysis - The status of a well may d change during the study and it’s difficult to incorporate the new data in the study.
  • Optimizing capital spend
  • Periodic process results are not readily available
  • Data Integration issues, repeat work, and does not make use of available data effectively

4:10 PM ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: What is Ariticial Intelligence? Discussing How AI Is Applicable to Your Business and Understanding When It Isn’t

Artificial Intelligence is the newest excitement in technology- there is a lot of hype around the promise and capabilities of the technology, and although it is revolutionary, the need to clarify and understand this subject is necessary to properly apply AI to your business. This session will define the jargon and terminology in the industry and discuss the implications of its applications to help you understand what it is but also what it is not.

  • Understanding where AI technology is currently at in terms of capabilities and application
  • Being able to identify where and how AI is best suited to augment RPA processes from the early stages
  • Mapping the evolution of AI technology. Where are we going with this?
  • Addressing the ethics of AI application – Regulations, governance, and AI-based decision making
  • How to make sense of unstructured data?

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