1 - 2 March 2018 | Novotel Sydney Central

Sumeet Pathak

Head of Automation
Societe Generale

3:30 PM Demo: Realising A Digital Servicing Aspiration With Artificial Intelligence To Enhance Customer Experience And Add Value

Customers needs are increasingly becoming more demanding. Customers are now requiring a 24/7 customer service team and immediate responses. So how do we deal with this demand? Of course the answer is bots- but not just chatbots. Understand how to implement Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Automation and Machine Learning to satisfy customers and deliver on customer excellence.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understanding the benefits of Artificial Intelligence as well as Machine Learning and Cognitive Automation.
  • Discuss road mapping for planned success.
  • Communicate a vision and a concrete plan for your people and virtual agents for a sustainable change.

  • Realise exactly how to streamline inefficient processes with artificial intelligence.
  • Learn from real use cases and see exactly how machine learning can be used.
  • Understand how cognitive automation will benefit you and how it can be used.

9:10 AM BENEFIT REALISATION: Benefit Realisation Post Program: Demonstrating Tangible, Successful Results Through Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Best Practice

This session analyses exactly what some of the leaders in automation have done and their track record. Most importantly, this session will highlight the success of automation strategies and how it is measured.

  • Outlining the specific plan of attack- what the automation was to achieve and how
  • Assessing the plan roll out and what worked well and what did not
  • Analysing the benefit realisation of automation- what did it actually achieve compared to projections? Why? What is the best way to measure your automation?
  • Understanding the major lessons learned when implementing automation.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Sumeet.

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